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Oct 30, 2012 / 1 note

Take Minilogs with you everywhere!

So, almost as soon as we went live with Minilogs, one of the first features our blogger-friends began to ask for in hoards was the ability to embed their logs anywhere.

And so without further ado we present to you, our biggest fans, the minilogs Embed.

To insert your favorite playlists in any web page, just click the share button and grab the embed code: 

Try customizing the player’s color and size to match your site.

Minilogs isn’t just for music, do you write a food blog, how about embedding a list of your favorite restaurants in San Francisco?

Discover more logs like this one on Minilogs.com

Or if you run a movie website, embed your Top 100 short films ..

See more Logs by tonychopper on Minilogs.com

If you use minilogs on your website, drop us a link in the comments below - we’d love to help you promote it.
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